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303® Fabric/Vinyl Cleaner® (303FVC)

Newest cleaning technology safely removes difficult stains: Dirt, oil, grease, coffee, tea, ink, juice, wine & pet stains. 303® FVC can be used full strength or diluted with water on all water-safe textiles, including canvas, upholstery, carpeting and apparel.

Removing Spots/Stains:
Use full strength or up to 30-1 dilution with water. 
Spray on spot until wet.  Agitate with a medium-soft brush or wet cloth.
Wipe up stain and excess cleaner with a damp cloth, rinsing out cloth in clean water as necessary. 
Let fabric dry. 

General Cleaning:
Add ½ cup (4oz) or more 303® FVC to 1 gallon warm water. 
Apply with brush, cloth or sprayer.  Wipe clean with a damp cloth as described above or rinse thoroughly with water. 
Let dry. 

Machine Extraction:

For professional cleaning equipment, add 1-3 oz. of 303® FVC to a gallon of warm water.

Outdoor Fabrics:
Rinse fabric with water.  Use ½ cup or more 303® FVC in one gallon of warm water (approx. 100°F). Spray or brush on.  Allow to penetrate. Agitate, rinse thoroughly.  For heavier soils, increase agitation and soak time.  Repeat if necessary.

Removing mildew from Sunbrella® and Dickson brand fabrics:
Add ½ cup (4 oz) of bleach to the cleaner solution and soak fabric for approximately 20 minutes. Agitate & rinse thoroughly. After cleaning. re-treat fabrics with 303® High Tech Fabric Guard. Your best choice for soiling and stain protection and water repellency.

Caution:  Excessive soaking in bleach can deteriorate sewing threads.  For mildew and special cleaning problems on other fabrics, contact the fabric manufacturer.


Sunbrella® is a Registered Trademark of Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, LLC.